Polar Mohr Stacking Lift Polar LW 450

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Polar Mohr Stacking Lift Polar LW 450 (Art.Nr. 53303)


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    Polar Mohr Stacking Lift Polar LW 450
    from 1994

    The automatic lifting of the material to be cut allows the operator to cut in a way that is convenient for him.
    ergonomically favorable working height the material into the automatic jogger or directly into the
    load the cutting machine.
    However, the stacking lift can also be used for stacking cut material

    Stacking lifts do not have to be anchored in the ground and can therefore be easily moved on wheels.
    They are equipped with continuously adjustable reflex light barriers for automatic lifting or lowering.

    Technical data
    Tub (internal dimensions) cm 62 x 90
    Stroke up to cm 85
    Height (at max. stroke) cm 150 (196)
    Load capacity max. kg 450

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